Eggs Poultry Hatcher for Chickens Ducks Goose & BirdsThe Magicfly Digital Mini Incubator is the incredible and fully automatic egg incubator 12 eggs poultry hatch is the easy hatching device.  This mini fully automatic incubator is one of the most resourceful designs that you will find in this product range. This small incubator surprises you with its incredible features, even beginners can use this device easily and efficiently.  It is indeed a Magicfly Digital Incubator. The simple design and the functions of the device allow even youngsters to learn the basics of incubating eggs.  This mini digital automatic egg incubator is very easy to use; all that you need to do is add eggs.

Small Size but packed with Power

The mini egg incubator comes with a solid molded structure and includes all the vital features that are required for incubation.  The features include automatically control temperatures, humidity warning alarm to alert you if there is any problem and rotate the eggs. The incubator also contains LED display panel that can help you check if the temperature is in stable or not.  The voltage specification for the USA and Canada is 110V and 50HZ, and the materials used in this Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator are PC+ABS, and the frequency is 50HZ. The temperature in the incubator should be around 30 to 40 Celsius, and the egg capacity is 12. The Magicfly Digital Mini Incubator weighs only 3kgs.

Automatic Egg Hatching is Key

Incubators are the best equipment to improve the egg hatching rate in any season. The Magicfly Digital Mini Incubator is one of the best tools to enhance your egg hatching rate as it has great features and offers best options for all usages.  This mini incubator is the best choice for beginners and young kids, the device offers everything that is needed to hatch the eggs at home and assures a higher hatching rate than the natural hatching process.

The company manufactured this Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automated Egg Incubator for the household purpose to encourage farming among youth. It also offers great customer service and best return-policies. This mini incubator is the best options for a successful hatch.


  • The Magicfly Digital Mini Incubator that can hold up to 12 Chicken Eggs and it is suitable for Geese Eggs, and Duck Eggs.
  • The Mini Poultry Hatch Incubator comes with an automatic egg turner that works exactly like a mother hen hatch the eggs. The automatic turner prevents the yolk settling and exercises the embryo.
  • The Incubator comes with humidity alarm that alerts you if there are any risky changes in humidity level. This alarm helps you adjust the humidity level and help you to observe the eggs are in the perfect condition, for safety development.
  • The digital features help you take control of the Magicfly Digital Mini Incubator, with just a touch of a button; it allows you to change the temperature. Also, the humidity alarm and the auto turning features help you enhance the hatching process and help you develop more hatches than any other incubator model.
  • The Mini Poultry Hatch Incubator is a lightweight device that is a perfect option to use in a classroom and at home and helps the hatching enthusiasts to learn the basic of the farming.
  • The LED display included in the Incubator makes every reading clear, which helps you know the exact environments for your embryos, and it also allows you to change the temperature to suit different types of fowl or any other types of egg like birds and snakes.

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ProsMagicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator

  • The Magicfly Digital Mini Incubator can hold 12 chicken eggs, and also, it can accommodate different kinds of eggs. The Magicfly Digital Incubator is resourceful to hatch different species of eggs and helps you get successful hatching results.
  • The mini incubator includes automatic turning function that keeps the embryos active and avoids the settling of yolks. Also, it reduces the manual turning process and reduces the risk.
  • The digital controls and the screen allow you to take complete control of the environment and the temperature levels of your embryos and allow you to adjust the temperature to suit the type of eggs that you want to hatch.
  • The incubator’s humidity alarm feature indicates the warning light to check if there is any danger in the humidity level or any fluctuations in the temperature. This alarm is very resourceful as it helps you to check the eggs and make sure that the eggs are in the safe environment.
  • The LED Display provides the clear readings of the different aspect of the hatching process, which allows you to monitor properly and check how the embryo is growing in the incubator.
  • The Mini Incubator has the capacity to hold 12-eggs that give more places to the eggs to incubate. The device is the perfect option for both classroom and home. This mini incubator is also useful for a small farm.
  • The materials PB and ABS that are used in the incubator assures that the environment of the egg is safe, and the material makes the cleaning process easy and quick after the hatch.


  • Some customer found that the manual is little hard to read because of that they find it difficult while setting the Magicfy Digital Incubator.
  • The automatic turning function of the Incubator also shown some glitches while turning the eggs as it does not turn the eggs completely because of that the users had suffered from hatching issues.
  • The plastic material of the Mini Poultry Hatch Incubator is not clear enough to see through, because of that users were not able to check the damage without opening the lid. But the instructions say to shut the lid all the time.
  • The incubator does not contain any backup battery, so if there is any power shortage, and if there is a power cut, the eggs in the incubator may not grow properly. You may not get the successful hatching rate.


The mini egg incubator is an energy efficient device as it works efficiently with110 volts of power and consumes less electricity.  The device comes with a LED temperature display that helps you check if there are any fluctuations in the temperature.  This feature can help you fix the things if there is any problem in the incubator and helps you incubate the eggs properly. The common eggs, including Chicken, Geese, and Ducks can be placed in the Magicfly Mini Incubator.

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