Best Affordable Chicken Egg IncubatorThe HovaBator Genesis 1588 is an upgraded version, and this new model contains a digital control center, which displays both humidity and temperature. This new HovaBator Incubator is predetermined for bird eggs. It is easy-to-use, you just need to add water and eggs and plug it in. This Hava-Bator Circulated Air Incubator contains a plastic bottom liner, and it produces good hatchlings consistently.  It is the best option for beginners, classrooms, and experts. The Genesis 1588 Advanced Egg Incubator can be set at a low temperature at 80 degrees Fahrenheit fro reptiles. It comes to the Soft-Air fan technology that gives required oxygen and fresh air and prevents for forcing air directly on the eggs. This incubator device comes with a12V DC power converter for both 220/240 V AC and 110 AC.

Combo Kit for High Hatching Rate

The Hova-Bator Advanced Egg Incubator comes with a combo kit that offers high hatching rate and technical details. This advanced Incubator has several features that you can expect from an entry level to the mid-level incubator. The Genesis 1588 is a simple design but offers the greatest benefits. With its efficient structure, the 1588 incubator uses a low wattage heater and assures that it can produce an efficient and effective product as the parts of the incubator are available at a very reasonable price.

The 18 x 18 x9 ½ inches Incubator can hold up to fifty chicken/duck eggs or 140 quail eggs with no egg turner, but with egg turner, it can hold 41 eggs.  This new incubator is carefully designed and tested, and it will fit the present Hova-Bator desktop incubators.  The 1588 egg incubator comes with a universal egg tray, which can hold any egg size and helps you save a lot of money buying an expensive egg tray for different egg sizes. This device comes with an automatic egg turner function that slowly rolls the eggs six times per day.  This process exercises the embryo and prevents the yolk from settling. This rolling process is similar to the natural process.

Large Incubator to hold many eggs

The incubator contains a larger egg tray that can hold around 42 chicken eggs, 28 Goose eggs, or 70 Quail eggs. Installing the Genesis 1588 Circulated Air Incubator is easy, all that you need to do is slide the motor clip at the edge and connect the turning tray, and you are ready to use it for all Hova-Bator Models.

The Hova-Bator Advanced Egg Incubator comes with a digital hydrometer or thermometer to make sure that the eggs in the incubator get the accurate humidity and temperature. This feature is important as any fluctuation in the temperature and the humidity level can damage the egg.  In some incubators, this feature is not included, but in Genius 1588 you will find this feature. This feature is helpful, particularly for beginners, as the fluctuation in temperature can damage the incubation.

Advanced Automatic Turning System

The major feature in the incubator is its turning system. This function turns the eggs at a number of times so that the embryo is kept in the right position and it does not touch the membrane. This automatic turner function can increase the hatching rate compared to the incubator with no automatic turning function.  The incubator combo helps you save a lot of money as it helps you replace the cups with a tray that can hold a more eggs and with the automatic turning tray function, it turns many eggs in less time.

The Genesis 1588 advanced digital incubator has a simple design; you just need to plug it in and add water and eggs.  This new Hova-Bator contains a plastic bottom liner, Thermometer, and pre-set by the factory at 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Like any other incubator, this new 1588 digital incubator needs a stable room temperature, and you should avoid using in areas like barns and sheds. The pre-set options in the incubator produce good hatches consistently.


  • The Hova-Bator Genesis 1588 Egg Incubator comes with combo kit
  • The Incubator includes pre-set temperature to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It contains IncuTurn mechanical Egg Turner
  • The Incubator contains digital display that shows the humidity and temperature levels
  • The 1588 Incubator offers quail bars for egg turner, but it is optional and sold separately
  • Perfect options for beginners, experts, and classrooms
  • 12V system is TUV listed, and it is safe to use
  • Although the system is pre-set to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, it still can be adjusted. It allows you to set as low as 80 degrees Fahrenheit for reptiles.
  • Automatic turners are available for game bird and poultry eggs.

The automatic egg turner slowly rolls the eggs around six times per day so that it exercises the embryo and prevents the yolk from settling. This rolling process mimics the natural process.  The universal egg tray in the incubator can hold a large amount of egg like it can hold 28 Goose eggs, 70 Quail eggs, and 42 Chicken eggs.  Putting the IncuTurn into the incubator is a simple process, and once you attach the turning tray, you are ready to hatch the eggs in the incubator.

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ProsHovaBator Genesis 1588 Advanced Egg Incubator Combo

  • The Genesis 1588 Advanced Egg Incubator is available at a very affordable price, and it offers plenty of features, which makes your task easy and helps you get greater hatching results.
  • The egg capacity in the Hova-Bator Incubator Combo Kit is comparatively more than any other model.
  • The simple design makes this Incubator the perfect option as it is easy-to-use and allows you to upgrade the functions.


  • The manufacturer used the delicate materials to make the Hova-Bator Advanced Egg Incubator makes the incubator feeble compared to the other models.
  • Though this new model 1588 is efficient enough to produce higher hatchling results, some features in this combo kit made inefficient compared to the other products available in the market.


The simple design of 1588 Hova –Bator offers suitable upgrades for the incubator. It is the best option for the people who are looking to purchase an incubator on a cost-saving budget as it permits you to upgrade the system after using it for some time or whenever you need to upgrade it. However, this new combo kit comes with the upgraded version that includes different sizes of egg trays that you can upgrade if you want to use different types of eggs.

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