The Best Small Egg IncubatorThe 1602N Hova-Bator Egg Incubator Series is considered as the best small incubator that is available on the market. It is a great addition to your home appliances. This world’s best small incubator is the most famous model in the series. It has the largest capacity to use it for larger fowl eggs and farming.  The 1602N Series Incubator’s temperature control is supported by a “Wafer” style, an ultra reliable thermostat.  These reliable thermostats have become popular as they have passed the reliability test. These small incubators and thermal air flow models are the best and most cost-efficient incubator.

Easy Managment with Humidity Channels

The Hova-Bator Incubator comes with built-in humidity channels, which makes it easy for you to add water in the humidity control.  The incubator comes with optional egg turner that automatically turns the eggs and supports proper development and hatching.  The fan kit is optional; the fan can circulate the air and maintains a consistent temperature in the entire chamber of the incubators, and improves hatch rates.

The G.Q.F Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Series Incubator has the most efficient features such as automatic turning and easy-to-clean material, which makes the hatching incubator the most efficient one as it can make the embryos develop into hatchlings. The 1602N Series comes with the viewing windows that allow you to check on the eggs, how they are developing, and it allows you find if there is any damage happening during the hatching period. These windows are an incredible addition to the incubators that can increase the hatching rates than any other incubator that are available on the market.

Water Thermostat produces Great Results

The 1602N series Hova-Bator comes with a water thermostat. It is the best proven technology that can produce high hatch results. However, this incubator model is not suitable for goose eggs.  This incubator uses thermal air flow that makes the radiant heat tube warms gently inside the incubator, which makes the heated air flow through the exhaust vents and makes the eggs develop properly. For safe hatching, the model has provided a rubberized mesh screen.  Also, the incubator’s thermal air flow technology dries the chicks quickly after they hatch.  The G.Q.F 1602N Series is provided with a durable Styrofoam that resourcefully holds the heat generated by the 25-watt heating component.  This model also comes with two 4×6 inch windows that are placed on the top to view the eggs inside, and it contains high side walls to hold birds inside even when the lid is removed.   This incubator can approximately hold forty-six chicken, 90 pheasant, 188 quail, and 40 duck eggs or turkey eggs.

You can also buy additional accessories to improve the hatching rate. The accessories include a forced air fan kit, an automatic egg turner, and an Incu-Bright egg candler, and all these components come with a one-year hassle-free warranty.


  • Fifty Large Duck Eggs
  • One hundred and thirty small Quail Eggs
  • Optional Egg Turner, which can help you increase the hatching rate.


  • The incubator comes with a plastic sanitary liner that is easy-to-clean.
  • Durable Wafer Snap Thermostat that offers precise temperature control.
  • It comes with a built-in component to add water for humidity control.
  • It comes with Styrofoam, which provides durable construction and offers outstanding insulation.
  • Rubber Coated Mesh Floor
  • Complete Incubation Instructions
  • Circulated and still air models available
  • Rubber-coated mesh floor

The Incubator contains two tiny windows on the top that allows you to view the egg condition, and it can help you generate the incredible hatching results.  The Hova-Bator is designed to hold any size of eggs and offers different types of hatch options.  You can also include an egg turner accessory at any time that helps you to quicken the process and increases the hatching rate.

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ProsG.Q.F. Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Egg Incubator

  • The 1602N Hova-Bator comes with a small viewing window that can help you check if the eggs or hatchlings are damaged.
  • The durable polystyrene assures that the 1602N Incubator is the perfect option for hatching in every season, and the material lasts for a long time.
  • The Optional Egg Turning technology is very helpful and convenient as it can turn the eggs automatically and facilitates you to take control of the hatching process.
  • The G.Q.F Manufacturing Hova-Bator Incubator comes with the larger capacity, which makes the 1602N series the perfect option for both farm and home use, and it is also useful for bigger fowl eggs.
  • The consistent thermostat generates an accurate reading consistently, and it controls and observes the ideal environment for eggs.
  • This Incubator model contains detailed instructions that can help both the experienced and the beginner Hatchers to use the model without any problem.
  • The plastic material used in the incubator makes your cleaning job easy and provides the hygienic and insulated environment.
  • The robust design makes the 1602N model easy-to-use and carries and best for home purpose.
  • Each accessory or component comes with a one-year guarantee period.


  • The thermostat technology in the Incubator is simple and basic level, and it does not regulate and monitor the temperature automatically. You have to monitor to maintain the consistent temperature. It can become an issue if the temperature fluctuates as it can damage the eggs and hatching process.
  • The egg turning accessory can sometimes give trouble by not turning the eggs at the right time, and can form the upsurge the bottom of the egg that can be unsafe to the embryo.
  • Many customers have complained about the humidity as it does not rise above 40 to 50 percent because of that the model is not efficient enough to hatch fowl eggs.


This incredible Incubator invented by G.Q.F Manufacturing Company, the Hova-Bator is on the market for over 30 years now, and it is still considered as the World’s Best Small Incubator as it is the affordable incubator available on the market. The incubator’s radiant heat tube warms gently the inside part, and the thermal action of the intense air flowing through the vents and the fresh air goes through the bottom vent, all these features help the hatching process enhances and provide better results.

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