Farm Innovators 4250 Digital Circulated Air Incubator with Automatic Egg TurnerThe Farm Innovators 4250 Digital Incubator comes with Automatic Egg Turner. This incubator has the best technology, and it is easy-to-use, and it can hold up to forty-one eggs. This Model 4250 Digital Incubator is the best digital circulated air incubator manufactured by Farm Innovator. It is the most famous farming device that is available on the market. With this incubator, you can make your egg hatching season easy and simple.

The heater included in the device warm to a pre-set temperature provided by the manufacturer at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can produce the heat in just a few minutes.  The fan that is included in the Incubator distributes fresh air to maintain the temperature and enhance the hatching process. This Digital Incubator Model 4250 offers an easy-to-read digital display that shows the humidity, temperatures, and a number of days to hatch the eggs. Also, this process facilitates you to avoid manual handling in every four hours, not only that it improves the hatching rate.

The Best Farm Innovators Product on the Market

This innovative Model 4250 Digital Circulated Air Incubator by Farm Innovators is the best invention of Farm Innovators that provides complete coverage if the incubator gets damaged or if it requires repairs.  The Farm Innovators are known for their caring and creating the friendly atmosphere with their customers, and also they produce high-quality products only.  This 4250 Digital Incubator Model uses the technology that imitates nature with its circulating fresh air, egg tuning process, etc., which makes the process safe and the eggs can grow into healthy hatchlings.

Automatic Egg Turner to Improve Hatching

The Automatic Egg Turners turn the eggs every four hours, and it comes with forty-one large egg cups; you can also get a small quail egg tray, but it is optional.  The temperature notification flashes a light when the temperature is above 103 Degree Fahrenheit or below 97 Degrees Fahrenheit. The Incubator contains a big picture window that offers a 360degree passable view inside the Egg Incubator, which allows you to check on the process and it is also it offers the best educational observation.  The bottom tray holds large goose eggs and ducks eggs as well.  The Model 4250 Digital Incubator is the best option for people who have the hobby of growing hatchlings, and it is good for an educational reason.

Farm Innovators have been providing outstanding incubator designs and other farming technologies since 1983, and then onwards they have dedicated themselves to the production and development of quality farming devices.  Farm Innovators are also famous as they have invented many devices in the industry, including heated water bottles, heated poultry fountains, pond de-icer, and much more. All these devices have become very popular in the farming market. The Farm Innovators are also famous as they provide outstanding customer services and the company is proud to produce high-quality products, and their staff is always ready to help their loyal customers.  In the span of five years, the manufacturer developed around thirty new farming products, which are very convenient to use and they can make your task easier.

Features of the Farm Innovators 4250 Egg Incubator

  • The Farm Innovators 4250 Digital Incubator comes with an automatic egg turner, which turns the eggs in every four hours, this process helps the eggs get stabilized temperature and avoids yolk from inhabit and to train the embryo.
  • This model has the capacity to hold forty-one eggs and provides a lot of room for bigger hatches.
  • The incubator with digital display, provides all the details like eggs incubation time, estimated hatching date, and it shows the details of verities of egg that are placed in the incubator.
  • The included fan system supplies fresh air and circulates it all through the incubators to make sure to produce healthy hatchlings.
  • The indication light is also integrated in the incubator, which show if the temperature is below or above the levels, and it will make sure to maintain the temperature and avoid any fluctuations.
  • The Farm Innovators 4250 comes with a deep tray that allows you to place larger eggs like duck and goose eggs, so that it can hatch any type of fowl eggs.

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ProsFarm Innovators Digital Circulated Air Egg Incubator

  • The Antomatic egg turner in the incubator imitates the nature and helps you avoid manual turning. It is the best option for beginners.
  • The integrated fan system circulates the fresh air and helps you produce healthy hatchlings. This system maintains the even temperature in the entire chamber.
  • The digital display shows all the information about the hatching process. The indication lights alert you if there is any fluctuation in the temperature.
  • The window in the incubator helps you observe if there is any damage happening to the eggs without removing the lid. In case of any damage, you can act quickly.
  • The temperature is set automatically to 100 degree Fahrenheit (factory recommended) and warns you if the temperature increases or decreases to the recommended level.
  • The Farm Innovators 4250 egg incubator is much quieter and affordable than any other model.


  • The Farm Innovators 4250 Digital Circulated Air Incubator wires sling down into the chamber, which can obstruct the egg turners.
  • The manufacturer does not provide any tight seal between the lid and the base, and it can cause humidity fluctuation whenever you try to open the lid to monitor.
  • The Thermometer, sometimes it can be unreliable, and several customers bought a separate thermometer to check the accurate temperature. Also, the temperature can increase and reduce quickly when there are fluctuations in the temperature.


The Farm Innovators 4250 Digital Circulated Air Egg Incubator contains insulating polystyrene foam, and it works at 120 volts, 0.33amps, and 40watts.  The Automatic egg turner provided in the incubator works efficiently and turns the egg tray every four hours to reduce the manual work and enhances the hatching rating. The temperature humidity can be adjustable for different types of eggs.

The High/low-temperature light flashes notify when the temperature is above 103F or below 97F. The incubator’s integrated fan circulates the fresh air to keep the temperature stabilize, and it can enhance the hatching process.  The LPW (Larger Picture Window) provides a complete 360-degree view so that you can observe the eggs inside the incubator without lifting the lid.

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