Brinsea Mini II Egg IncubatorThe Brinsea Mini II Advance is an Automatic 7 Egg Incubator, a new and high-quality incubator available on the market. This new and advanced incubator is easy-to-use and offers outstanding performance for the value.  The Mini II Incubator comes with an automatic egg turning that has an auto stop function. The incubator displays the precise date of the hatch, temperature alarms, periodic cooling, and so on so that you will observe the eggs and know the exact status of the hatch.

Digital Control Menu

The Brinsea Mini II Automatic Egg Incubator integrates a digital micro control function that allows you to control incubator through a simple digital display menu.  In regular operation, the display displays incubation temperature, turning status, and days to hatch.  When you open the menu, it will allow you to adjust the temperature, turning angle, turning interval, days-to-hatch, high and low-temperature indication alert, and cooling duration. This incubator is one of the best models for home or classroom use.

The Mini II incubator provides humidity by central water reservoirs along with the suitable external top-up, and with the rotating egg disks, the eggs are turned. The incubator contains two disks, one for seven eggs of all standard sizes, and the second disk holding 14 eggs of small sizes, but this disk is optional.  The incubator offers the egg chamber with clear walls, which give the apparent visibility of the hatching eggs without removing the lid. The fan that is included in the incubator offers constant airflow and assures reliable and consistent hatches.

Durability & High Built Quality

Like any other Brinsea products, the Mini II egg incubator contains a 3-year warranty. The digital display is as excellent inclusion as it offers excellent visibility, and offers completely digital driven menu controls. The Incubator is easy-to-use, and you can easily program automatic egg turning function.  With the auto stop, you can countdown the date of the hatch. The incubator is made of strong and hygienic ABS plastic structure for easy to maintain.

The Brinsea Products Maxi II Automatic Incubator contains an advanced technology that makes the incubator maintain the consistent temperature and generate a countdown of the hatch day. The ABS Plastic used in this incubator make is strong and assures reliable and long lasting use.  The transparent chamber of the Maxi II Incubator offers clear visibility that allows you to check on the eggs and take care of the things immediately if there is any problem.  The Incubator comes with a completely digital panel placed on the top portion of the incubator, which allows you to control the temperature levels and auto stop two days before the hatch day.  This advance automatic egg incubator is the perfect choice for residential and educational use.

Features of the Brinsea Mini II Egg Incubator

  • Most of the products provided by Brinsea contain a solid base, which means you cannot see or observe the egg hatching process. However, the Mini II Incubator offers visible chamber that allows you to see the eggs hatching process; it is also very useful as if anything wrong happening with the eggs inside the incubator, so you can take immediate action.
  • The automatic turning function in Brinsea Maini II Advance Egg Incubator is a very useful feature as it saves a lot of time and energy. During incubation, you need to turn the egg several times in a day to produce healthy hatchlings.  If the incubator is not automatic, then you should do the task manually, which may not provide the successful hatching rate. But, with Mini II, you don’t need to worry as it turns the eggs automatically several times in a day and helps you produce a larger hatching rate.
  • The Brinsea Mini II is made with an anti-bacterial material to avoid bacteria or germs, and also to prevent the eggs from the disease. The young embryos are much more liable to get germs, but with Mini II incubator you can avoid such conditions. It makes a really good choice.
  • The fan feature in this Incubator makes it really worth spending as it keeps the egg in good condition by providing consistent temperature throughout the incubator. The incubators are ventilated well enough, and the fan feature takes care of the constant airflow without any problem.

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ProsAdvance Automatic 7 Egg Incubator, One Size

  • The Mini II Incubator is a compact in size, and it is one of the efficient things about this incubator as it does not occupy much space in your home or a classroom. It is the most versatile device as it is easy to maintain.
  • The Brinsea Mini II Automatic Incubator is the best device available on the market because it takes care of several tasks automatically. The automatic turning feature reduces the manual interference, and the automatic stop feature stops the egg turning two days before the hatching date.
  • The light indicator or the alarm feature of the Automatic Incubator is a very useful feature as it indicates immediately if the temperature is too high or too low inside the incubator. It also allows you to adjust the temperature to suit the types of eggs that are placed in the incubator.
  • This incubator is considered as vision-friendly as it allows you to see through the chamber to ensure that the eggs are healthy.


  • The Brinsea Mini II Automatic Incubator is a comparatively very small product in the line of Incubators manufactured by Brinsea. This Mini II can fit only seven eggs.
  • The other flaw in this indicator is that it does not have a humidity control that means you have to control the humidity level manually.
  • The other downside of this Incubator is that it is designed to hatch only goose or chicken eggs, and it will not hold either larger or smaller egg.


If you are looking for a compact size Incubator, then Brinsea Mini II Advance Automatic Incubator is the best choice. Also, if you are a hobbyist and like to hatch goose eggs or chicken eggs, then Mini II is the best option.  The Brinsea is a special model as it offers outstanding and clear features like the digital display and the micro-adjustment knobs. It also includes a fan and ventilation system and also automatic turning feature and an auto-stop technology. The incubator accommodates 7 goose eggs or chicken. The Mini II Incubator is the best choice if you are a beginner.

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